Back in the day Walks
Remember us?
We used to do guided walks....
before government intervention !!
Hoping to re start outdoor walks in the spring.

Though what a wonderful way to spend a cold March evening

 listening to a great story

THURSDAY MARCH 4 @ 6.30 pm

a new online zoom



We always talk about the swinging sixties as the greatest period of youth culture there has ever been.  But if one looks closer at those baby boomer years you realise much of the new world that the sixties brought us had its roots in the American life style of the 1950’s. Life in the United states was booming  whilst Britain struggled to recover from the aftermath of the second world war.

 Join Barrie in a journey back to those days looking at the innovations, the cars, the diners and the freedom enjoyed especially by the youth of America.  A period now remembered as the The American Dream. Accompanied by photos and music Barrie tells us how the boom years emerged and later how it all collapsed and Britain became the centre of the world in the 1960’s

The talk will take about one hour and is full of interesting facts and stories. By the time the talk is finished  Barrie will have you wishing, just slightly, that you could have been a teenager in say California, or perhaps New York during the golden years of……     The American Dream

Talks last about 1 hour  and  costs £6.00    

 to make your bookings or ask any questions.


or  07860 911 393

Hoping to see many of you zooming in         

 regards host and guide   Barrie


  Back in the day Walks
Remember us ?
Guided walking tours
before Covid intervention !!
Hoping to re start outdoor walks in the springtime
However my new on line talks received
excellent I will be repeating...
School Blazer `to Mohair Suit  

A great way to spend a
cold winter evening listening
to stories about life back in the day.
Talks last about 1 hour   
Each talk costs £6.00 
Contact me to make your bookings
or  07860 911393
Hoping to see many of you zooming in
regards  host and guide  
Musical memories of teenage life in the 50's & 60's
Growing up in London in the late 1950s and the “swinging” 60s, was quite remarkable, 
although those of us at the time didn’t realise it back then. We were just normal teenagers, 
suffering from the same angst that adolescents have always done, but we had one advantage, 
the fabulous music which has lived on through the decades.
In my talk I use photos and music and various anecdotes to tell you of my personal journey 
of growing up and how music affected me and keeps those memories fresh in my mind. 
By just by hearing a few bars of a song memories flood back like such as, traumas on the dance 
floor when asking a girl to dance, his first night club, first kiss, first holiday without
parents and a forever wish to be older.
So Don’t Walk On By or Runaway come with me on a personal musical journey and 
Walk back to happiness to the days when I was just growing up. Join me as I cruise back 
in time because there is always Something there to remind me.    


To book a walk call-text-whats ap Barrie on 07860 911393
or email at backinthedaywalks413