Soho Vice - Tasty Tales From London's Red Light District
Gamblers & Gangsters. Pimps & Prostitutes. Pushers & Pornographers.

Our Soho 50's and 60's walks are very music, fashion and youth culture orientated with the occasional nod to the more disreputable aspects of the area but here is a walk that concentrates solely on the notoriously sleazy side of Soho's remarkable past.

You'll hear all about the infamous pre-war crime families, the Sabinis and the Messinas and from a more recent time, the notorious Kray twins and their contemporaries, Jack Comer - better known as Jack "Spot" - and the villainous crime king Billy Hill.

We'll tell you all about the madness of the "Roaring Twenties" and the wild abandon of Soho during the war when anything went as the populace didn't know if they would still be alive the next day.

You'll find out about the drug scene, prostitution, strip clubs and clip joints, gang fights and beatings, pimps and protection rackets - and sex, lots and lots about

Please note unlike some of other walks, the stories on this one are not gathered from Barrie's personal experience. Well actually there is one….

The walk which will be illustrated by historic photos, will take around two and a half hours and as there is so much to cover but the price remains the same as our other walks, £10 payable on the day. The walk starts in Newport Place (not far from Leicester Square station) and ends in Old Compton Street.

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Private groups and dates can be arranged; rates on request