Soho - Roots of the Swinging Sixties 

The Clubs, The Fashion & The Music

Your guide Barrie Greene is in his early seventieswhich means he was a teenager in the early 1960's - a true post-war baby boomer! Growing up in London  during that period was incredibly exciting and Barrie has an infectious passion for the time. He remembers those days as if they were yesterday.

Our walk takes you around Soho visiting the important locations that played a big part in the roots of the swinging sixties. We'll take you to the birth place of British rock and roll, the street that turned the fashion world on its head and  also to the sites of the various influential discotheques and clubs of the day. We'll be showing you some evocative and historic photos of the time and you'll hear many anecdotes, some personal to Barrie, about those amazing few years that helped shape the cultural landscape not only of London - but the rest of the world too.

It'll take around two hours - and if you're from that era, the memories that will come flooding back should remind you of that special time in your life

If however you're from a younger generatioyou'll be fascinated to learn how much of the popular culture of today, can be traced back to that amazing period in London's history.

The cost of the tour is £10.00 payable on the day and the meeting place is St Anne's Churchyard in Wardour Street and finishes in close proximity to the myriad of coffee bars, bistros and restaurants in the Soho area - and Chinatown and its culinary delights, is just a chopstick's length away!

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Private groups and dates can be arranged; rates on request.