Tottenham Court Road


 Furniture,  Electric goods and so much more

Tottenham court Road is one of those road of London that one just drives down,  a road that links other parts of the City from Euston to  Oxford street.                                                                                 However like every corner of London there is so much to see, so much to learn that is not immediately apparent without knowing where to look.

Of course furniture is Tottenham court road’s greatest legacy and the history  of two famous stores will not be ignored, nor will its more recent reputation for being  the place to go for Hi Fi and everything else for  radio and video enthusiasts. But if you think thats all you are very mistaken, we cover    a variety of subjects like lap dancing, hidden art deco buildings.  tropical diseases and cult religions. I was amazed how often Tottenham court road featured in my personal life so I’ll throw  some of that in  for good measure.

This walk goes the whole way down and ends by Primark at the corner of Oxford street so bring extra money if you want to end the  tour in the hideous queue always outside .