Going Up West

                                                                whatever happened to      GOING UP WEST

      The West End has much less meaning these days most people just say going into town. To be honest a trip into town does not have the glamour or the cudos that used to be be conjured up  by the thought of a trip Up west.

Today we are going to visit some sites and try to re capture the atmosphere of  The West End back in the day . These were the days before teenagers emerged and made  much of the west end their own with the coffee bars  and discotheques.

Back in the day the West end meant shopping in the many great department stores, of the  day then maybe tea at a Lyons corner house or, in my mothers case, a once a month visit to the hairdresser. On special nights it meant putting on ones best clothes for a table at a Cabaret club, the occasional treat of a  theatre ticket or big screen cinema, maybe a meal out in a restaurant, all thought of as big nights out, not like today when wearing a shirt and tie is laughable and scruffiness is the attire of the day.

Lets journey back to to those days when the whole world wanted to visit The west end of London. The days when one could feel a king or a queen for the day and it was a privilege to be able to go Up West.