Stoke Newington to Stamford Hill

From the hip to the schtip
Mods, hipsters, pinball arcades, E&A and R&B

On this brand new walk, we’ll take you from trendy Stoke Newington – known locally as “Stokey” to not so trendy Stamford Hill.

You’ll hear how one of the leading musicians of his generation went on a journey from a local lad, to a world famous glam rock icon. And how on the way he became one of the first mods, part of a group “the boys from the Hill” who helped revolutionise fashion in the sixties and beyond.

You’ll see how Stoke Newington has changed from a poor, run-down area that people couldn’t wait to get out of, to one that the young, hipster crowd want to move into but can’t afford.

You'll visit the site of a long lost pinball arcade known as the "schtip" but nobody knows why! Throw in the story of a record shop that was more Memphis than Stamford Hill, the UK’s first bowling alley and some personal memories from Barrie and you’ll discover what a fascinating area this is.

Our walk which lasts around two hours costs £10, payable on the day, will be illustrated by historical photographs and music from the time. It starts outside the Post Office on the corner of Brooke Road and Stoke Newington High Street; the full details will be sent to you a few days before the day of the walk.

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Private groups and dates can be arranged; rates on request.