King's Cross....Metamorphosis

From prostitution to rejuvenation - and still a work in progress

Anyone old enough to remember Kings Cross in the 1980s will talk of an area of London that encapsulated everything that this decaying city became after the the disastrous period of social decline that took place in the decade before. Homelessness, prostitution, drug selling and taking, slum properties and lawlessness. King's Cross was a mess, an embarrassment. 

Today tells a different story, a success story. The planners can be praised at the way they have re-invented the area without losing its original identity. Its railway heritage has been kept as old buildings still stand with new interiors, yes, the usual 'shops and restaurants'are in abundance but the way they have

re-landscaped around the canal and the gas holders just has to be seen.

Our walk not only takes you round the new King's Cross we also seek out what remains of its more sordid past. This includes an amazing housing estate of the 1930's, a churchyard with a very famous inhabitant, a hidden crescent  from a bygone era and a town hall with carnival connections.  

The area's star attractions will not be missed, Hotels, stations and a  great library. So much to see so little time.

The walk will be the usual £10 cash on the day and takes a bit over two hours but time will fly on this great tour. Any questions or queries contact Barrie on 07860 911393 or