Vintage Soho - The 1950s

Jazz clubs, coffee bars and drinking dens

Barrie, your guide has always said that if he could travel back in time it would be to the days of his youth, i.e. London in the 1950's. A greyer and less plentiful time in some respects but an era filled with hope and a general feeling that things were looking up, just a few years after the end of the war.

In 1950's Soho, before the start of the "swinging sixties", there were creative forces at work building the foundations for the decade that followed. If you weren't aware before, then by the end of this walk Barrie is sure that you'll agree that to have been part of the "Soho crowd" in the 1950's must have been very intoxicating in those austere times.

On our Soho 50's walk, Barrie will tell you about the first jazz clubs and coffee bars, the strip joints and the drinking dens as well as how the various immigrant populations who settled in the area, helped create a truly international mix of music, food and drink as well as creating an atmosphere where even the seedy side of life seemed to enhance the magic of the area.

There will be stories of struggling artists, up and coming singers and songwriters and itinerant musicians, as well as the area's dodgy "entrepreneurs" engaging in some very dubious activities in the famous red light district!

So prepare yourself for a meander through the Soho of today but be prepared to travel back over 60 years for a nostalgic trip through time.

Our walk which lasts around two hours costs £14, payable on the day.  The full details will be sent to you a few days before the day of the walk.


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