Caledonian road

perhaps the greatest London story hardly ever told   

                    CALEDONIAN ROAD      and its hidden secret


This is a London connoisseurs walk, a walk for people who love London and love to hear about its past. And certainly on this tour we uncover a part of London history that seems to have been forgotten in time but was a huge part of London life back in Victorian times with a legacy that brings us forward to the modern day.

Some of you will  be thinking I don't need to spend my time walking up the Caledonian road, how can that be interesting? It's in the middle of nowhere isn't it? Please think again as this tour will captivate you and send you home enlightened by the secret past that will unfold.

We will meet a suffragette ju jitsu expert, hear about a sex scandal in  a Buddhist temple and pass by The prison from hell, and much more but the centrepiece of the tour I will keep secret and just ask you to trust me you will not be disappointed  We end the tour outside one of rock music's most famous sites.

The walk will be the usual £10 cash on the day and takes a bit over two hours but time will fly on this great tour. Any questions or queries contact Barrie on 07860 911393 or BACKINTHEDAYWALKS413@GMAIL.COM