Notting Hill - More Than Just A Carnival

Hippies, scandals and riots (but no Hugh Grant!)

This walk, has a number of interwoven themes that come together to form the incredible history of this area since the end of the second world war.

Firstly Barrie your guide will tell you the story of the West Indians who settled here over the years starting in the 1950's. You'll hear about the major issues that affect them such as prejudice, slum landlords, police brutality and riots.

Then you'll hear how the most famous political scandal of the twentieth century "shot" to fame in Notting Hill! And why the main protagonists in this, still talked about saga, came to the area in search of the good times - and discovered they weren't so good!

You'll discover how following the "swinging sixties", Notting Hill became the area of choice for the "hippy" movement and welcomed in the counter-culture. You'll also find out how Ladbroke Grove became London's equivalent of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury during the so called "summer of love".

You'll also hear about how the now world famous Notting Hill carnival went from a troubled beginning to its stature today as Britain's (and probably Europe's) greatest street festival.

Our walk which lasts around two hours costs £10, payable on the day, will be illustrated by historical photographs and music of the time. It starts and ends at Ladbroke Grove tube station; the full details will be sent to you a few days before the day of the walk.

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