Peckham - The New Hoxton?

Cafés galleries, bars - but no fools or horses! 

Ask anyone what image Peckham conjures up and invariably the answer will be Del Boy from "Only Fools and Horses", the cheeky chappy con-man who epitomised Peckham's dodgy reputation in the 1980s. At that time Peckham was typical of many inner London suburbs - a run down, working class area dogged by crime and decaying buildings, with just the odd glimpse of its once more affluent past. Fast forward to today and what we find on the surface is not that different to the dark days of the 80's but scratch that surface and just below it you'll find a vibrant young, cool community which has been growing quietly over the last few years. Artists, writers, media types and city slickers have taken advantage of Peckham's Victorian houses and bought at prices way below those in similar areas such as Clapham and Islington. Some of the trendiest bars and clubs in London are located in the area and a vibrant "cafe society" has blossomed in the little village known as Bellenden, just a couple of hundred yards from the hustle and bustle of Rye Lane; venture down the delightful side streets and you're in another world.

Our Peckham walk explores the old and the new in an area sandwiched between the grubbiness of the Elephant and Castle and the elegance of Dulwich. We'll tell you stories of Peckham's past, present and what its future holds and visit its award winning buildings, its trendy restaurants and the site of one of the great medical studies of the twentieth century.

You'll also hear about what the working classes ate before modern fast food and marvel at the faded glory of its once majestic train station.

Our walk which lasts around two hours costs £10, payable on the day, will be illustrated by historic photographs. It starts at Queen's Road Peckham station and ends at Peckham Rye station; the full details will be sent to you a few days before the day of the walk.

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Private groups and dates can be arranged; rates on request