Brick Lane - A Walk Of Two Halves

Immigrants and street art, curries and salt beef beigels

On the first half of this walk we talk about the many different immigrant groups who having escaped from often terrible situations in their homelands, helped shape the area around Brick Lane.  They brought with them their religions, their foods and their ways of life, moving on after a while and leaving a legacy of of buildings, foods and markets.

Then in the second half, everything changes and these legacies make way for today’s hipster crowd who have helped make Brick Lane one of the trendiest areas of London.  Restaurants, vintage shops, street art and galleries have helped turn Brick Lane around. Properties that once could have been bought for peanuts now sell for millions.

Our walk takes in all of this as well as a location for an iconic London film and one or two off the beaten track surprises. And we end up after two hours or so at the home of the finest beigels in the world!

Meeting place: Outside Big Moe’s Diner 96 Whitechapel High Street E1 7RA; nearest tube is Aldgate East

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