Clerkenwell - Quiet Village

 Jewellery, some special churches and Viva Italia

Clerkenwell is one of those places one drives past, travels through but rarely actually visits. Well this walk shows you what you have been missing . So close to the city, so close to central London but more than any other part of London it seems to retain its village atmosphere, with a serenity that is in contrast to its location.

Unless you are of Italian descent it's doubtful you will know of the area's  connection with Italian immigration in the nineteenth century, so much history, so much to learn about.

This walk is also so good for romancing couples as you can get to know each other in one of the many restaurants on the best food street in London, buy a ring  in the city's jewellery quarter then get married in one of its great churches, and thats not all. Find out about the postal system, see iconic social housing and 

visit where magicians go to buy their tricks, ands last but not least 

find out why its actually called Clerkenwell !