Streatham - The Surprising Suburb

Dance halls, theatres and night clubs - how the West End came south

A short while ago Streatham High Road was voted the ugliest high street in London and when you walk or drive down it these days, it's hard to disagree. But go back fifty years and the vision was very different. With its abundance of entertainment venues, fashionable shops and smart apartments and houses, Streatham was considered to be the "West End" of the suburbs.

Your guide Barrie was born in Streatham and lived there for over twenty years. Let him take you back to the area's golden era with visits to various historic venues, most of which are still standing and let him bring to life the Streatham of his youth.

As the walk unfolds you will hear how and why Streatham grew to become such a wealthy area, how it went into almost terminal decline over the last thirty years - and how it's now bouncing back up with rising property prices, exciting brand new amenities for the local community - and one of the capital's top jazz clubs.

Our walk which lasts around two hours costs £10, payable on the day, will be illustrated by historic photographs. It starts near Streatham bus garage and ends right by Streatham rail station; the full details will be sent to you a few days before the day of the walk.

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Private groups and dates can be arranged; rates on request.